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Written by  on December 13, 2013 

Du Anxiang took the train from Bermingham to Bei’an Town, and then take a bus to Ding home area hollister mo Wotton. When you get off the bus driver du to ask the way, to find the wrong direction, and please help pointing a woman on the road. From the video data display various roads and cars on the road, Du Anxiang very calm, without a trace of confusion, looks more like a mission.
Three fifteen, Du Anxiang arrived at the Martin place. He is from the right side of the open garage into the back garden Ding home, and then into the kitchen. When Ding Jifeng was in the kitchen, Du Anxiang pulled out a knife, stabbed in the past to ding. Ding Jifeng was stabbed 23 knives, mainly concentrated in the chest. Department of TCM Du was born, it is clear the fatal parts of the human body. Most cuts directly to pierce the heart and lungs. No doubt, Du Anxiang determined to cause Ding Jifeng to death.
Du Anxiang was extradited to Britain, told the criminal psychological expert: when he entered the small kitchen, Ding Jifeng scold him stupid, let him go. The judge doubt Du opinions, even so, Du Anxiang in non please, trespassing, master Ding Jifeng wanted him to leave also be perfectly logical and reasonable. (editor’s note: in 2012 Du Anxiang was arrested in hollister india Morocco in July, in February this year to be extradited to Britain, in accordance with the extradition practices and the commitment of Bei’an police interrogation from first to last, he did not Du Anxiang, Du arguments are reported to the court by criminal psychologist. )
Killing means extremely cruel
Du Anxiang killed Ding Jifeng, turning to Cui Ge. Cui will break into the kitchen in the Du, or hear the fight into the kitchen. Du Xiangcui pigeon thirteen knife stab wound in the chest and arm, most number knife, the heart and lungs.
Du Anxiang did not stop there, two daughters went straight upstairs was screaming. They might hear the sad sound downstairs, daughter Ding Huan dialed 999, cried for help. Du rushed up the stairs, first to the eldest hollister nyc daughter Ding Huan stabbed 11 knife, the knife with mobile phone call 999 right hand, Ding Huan fatal injury in the heart and lungs.