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Written by  on December 7, 2013 

Xinhuanet.com Changchun on 5 December, (Zhou Changqing Li Yuean) approved by the abercombie Forestry Department of Jilin Province, is located in Changbai Mountain District of Jilin, Feng Ling Provincial Nature Reserve was established recently, an age of up to 2735 year old “yew king” will be effectively protect here.
According to introduction, aka yew, Taxus cuspidata Poisson Chek, third tertiary relict species, has been hollister clothing 2500000 years of history, is the plant kingdom called “living fossil”. The ecological environment is demanding, mainly in the Northeast Asian countries, the wild stock rarely. In Chinese concentrated in the Changbai Mountain area and the small Xingan Ling mountains, is a national level protected plants.
Investigation of forest resources in Jilin province and Forestry Bureau barren farm staff, found a rare yew community. One of the biggest tree diameter at breast height of 185 cm, four in order to encircle adults. The trunk is formed at the upper part of the top hole, trunk natural fracture, the trunk is only 13 meters high. Is located in Jilin City, Beihua University College of forestry experts group identification, it was called “king of yew Taxus cuspidata”.
14 trees of 900 years of Taxus cuspidata were found in the barren tree farm. The tree DBH ranking “second” is 126 cm, height 17 meters. Beihua University experts to identify the age for 1826.
The territory of Helong city and Antu County of Jilin province is located in Changbai Mountain District, hollister kids Feng Ling natural protection, key targets for the protection of Taxus cuspidata and environment. In the scope of the protection area of 17660 hectares, the distribution of Japanese yew tree about 406300.