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Written by  on December 6, 2013 

China News Agency, Beijing, 6 December Xinhua (reporter Yu Zhanyi) 30 ambercombie anniversary of Sino French nuclear energy cooperation forum held in Beijing 6 days afternoon at the Great Hall of the people. Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council China Ma Kai with French Prime Minister Eero attended the forum and delivered a speech.
Ma Kai said, 30 years of steady development of Sino French nuclear energy cooperation, achievements. Nuclear energy has become one of the most extensive areas of bilateral cooperation, the cooperation between the two countries cooperation range of most significant achievements, and become an important part of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and france.
Ma Kai stressed, China will always adhere to the development of nuclear energy is not shaken confidence, always adhere to the “safety first” nuclear power development basic principle, always adhere to the sustainable development strategy of nuclear energy. jeans store Both France and has wide prospects of cooperation in the front-end of nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel cycle back and nuclear safety four pillars, especially has broad space for cooperation in the field of international nuclear power market development. Both sides should continue to uphold the concept of win-win cooperation, further improve the level of nuclear energy cooperation, to jointly promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy development in the world.
Summit Forum, held a brief meeting with arrow Ma Kai, and visited the French nuclear energy cooperation 30 anniversary exhibition.
It is reported, this forum by atomic China National Energy Agency and the French Atomic Energy Commission co sponsored, from bilateral nuclear energy of government departments, enterprises, universities, research institutes and more abercrombie brasil than 200 representatives to participate in the forum. (end)