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Written by  on December 7, 2013 

Beijing time on December 7th at 16:00 PM, Guangzhou Heng Datong Guizhou and 2013 abercrombie fitch Chinese FA Cup final second leg started in Guangzhou Tianhe stadium. The first 0-2 – Guangzhou Hengda home want to comeback win quite difficult, Muriqui and Elke Sen suspension, also let Lippi up too. In Guizhou and, coach Gong Lei can be as his main play this game. Finally after 90 minutes of fighting, Guangzhou Hengda deficit fail, the people of Guizhou and the total score to 3:2 road king.
As a result of the first leg defeat Guangzhou Evergrande coach Marcello Lippi very much hope to realize the Jedi fight back at home, finished three overall. The game Evergrande elk Sen, Muriqui and Zhao Xuri, three players hit the red yellow card suspension, this is not a small test for want of late Lippi. Guizhou people and is hoping to win the first national football championship for the city of Guizhou.
The starting line-up, Hengda sent twelve finals Golden Boot Yang Chaosheng as a single arrow, hole card, Gao Lin and Rong Hao were behind. It is worth mentioning that the game is the card at the Tianhe stadium farewell war, he led the team as captain into the stadium. The opening third minutes, Rong Hao restricted area before the ball turned homeopathic shot, the ball in the Guizhou players were goalkeeper Zhang Lie confiscated. Seventh minutes, Zheng Zhi left wing ribs up, rub header after Yang Chaosheng, behind the Guizhou defender Zhang Chenglin header. Ninth minutes, Conca xiechuan shifted to the right time, the Zhang Linpeng forbidden area right rib ball button click left foot rub to the door, the ball was standing a good Guizhou defender Sally header.
Fourteenth minutes, before Gao Lin took the ball to kill ben to the edge of the area with the ground, the Japanese referee mountain Qi Yi motioned Gao Lin diving and produced the game’s first yellow card to the. Hengda opening period uses the direct hit Guizhou in behind the defence tactics in the frontcourt, but many fall into the offside trap. Twentieth minutes, before Huang Bowen left win a free kick the ball into the box and personally, though Gao Lin Yueqi high flyflap door, the ball slightly higher than the beam, while the linesman flagged for offside Gao Lin. Twenty-fourth minutes, Huang Bowen left corner to the periphery, Sun Xiang near the forbidden area right corner welcomes the ball volley, the ball dapian.
Twenty-seventh minutes, Misimovi flicks near the front on the right side of the line, Sun Xiang handball foul, hollister online shop Misi free kick to the forbidden area, the crowd in on Haili pressure Huang Bowen header, punctured Zeng Cheng ten fingers off, Guizhou 1-0 leading rival, leading the overall score 3-0. Twenty-eighth minutes, Huang Bowen left corner to the door, Zheng Zhi header wide of the right post. Thirty-third minutes, Huang Bowen left corner to the point after, Feng Xiaoting header lifting door, the ball was Zhang Lie easily confiscated. Hengda won a number of corner didn’t create a decent scoring opportunities. Thirty-fifth minutes before the forbidden area, the card withdrawing right foot down then turned and left foot volley, the ball ball after goalkeeper Zhang Lie hold.
Thirty-seventh minutes, Misimovi left the ball into the box, in the face of Feng Xiaoting skillfully shake relaxed his opponent, small angle small forbidden area shot, the ball over Ceng Cheng, hit the pop far post. Forty-first minutes, Sun Xiang left the ball road closed area, Guizhou goalkeeper Zhang Lie attack did not hit the ball, the point after Rong Hao immediately shot the ball pad, the crossbar. The first half stoppage time first minutes, Sun Xiang left the ball again, Zhang Lieqiang in the Rong Hao header off before the ball. The end of the half court game, Guizhou a 1-0 lead hengda.
The beginning of the second half, Lippi sent on Feng Junyan for a single arrow Yang Chaosheng young. Fourth minutes of the second half, jinyingquan long shifted to the right, Conca overheads restricted area, Jihai Sun strong rescue. Sixth minutes of the second half, Zheng Zhi Beck sent straight, Zhang Linpeng bottom inverted triangle pass, shot Gao Lin after stopping, Nano fell to the ground the ball plugging a restricted area. Eighth minutes of the second half, Conca middle the ball, to the left, Sun Xiang at the end of the next pass, Gao Lin header just wide of the right post.
Fourteenth minutes of the second half, Zheng Zhi restricted area on the right side of midfield straight, Feng Junyan anti plug in the small angle shot the ball into the! The score was 1:1, Guangzhou Hengda total score 1:3 backward. Then the Hengda change, 8, Qin l changed 6 Feng Xiaoting, Lippi laid out a full attack. Two minutes later, Sun Xiang left the ball into the air by Rong Hao block, Zheng Zhi first turned and shot saved by Zhang Lie, Kong Ka bushe inserted into an empty net! On the field the score into 2:1.
Twenty-fifth minutes of the second half, Zhang Linpeng right before long, Feng Junyan had the ball again beat Zhang Chenglin down a letter. Twenty-seventh minutes of the second half, Guizhou fight very sharp, Musli pass Sally get away the ball to the forbidden area, Qin Sheng in the restricted area outside first. He was booked.
Thirty-fifth minutes of the second half, Conca corner direct rotary goal is to hit the post, in front of the Zheng Zhi is not abercrombie outlet ready to hit the bottom line! The people of Guizhou and now have retreated, Hengda has formed the siege of potential, but also Guizhou, Qu Bo sharp counterattack.
The last ten minutes of the match, Guangzhou rival player physical strength drops greatly, both players fouls also increased.
The final Guangzhou Hengda home 2:1 win over Guizhou and Guizhou, but people and the total score to 3:2 crowned the 2013 FA Cup champion!