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Written by  on December 7, 2013 

Facing the present situation of the 38000000 interrupt social security, “reduce the social insurance abercrombie and fitch news premium” is the management on the agenda.
In mid November, the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen “decision” clearly pointed out, to “expand the coverage of insurance premiums, timely and properly reduce the social insurance premium”. A source close to the Ministry in December 5th to accept the “China Times” reporter the interview said: “the drop rate does not contain individual contribution, enterprises only pay rates, but as for specific how much lower rates further calculation, not clear.”
The problem is, this adjustment down, really can promote social security payment enthusiasm? Once the rate cut, the pension pool will become less?
“Even if reduce the social insurance, social security can not alleviate the interruption phenomenon, because the main reason people interrupt social security is not a smooth transfer rate is too high and not.” People club Department experts, south of the Five Ridges Institute of Zhongshan University professor Shen Shuguang expresses to our newspaper reporter, the social insurance premium rate once reduced, will have a direct impact on the pension gap and current expenditure will.
Social security enterprise burden
China’s social security rate is too high, this is an indisputable fact.
According to relevant statistics, five insurance personal burden of China’s enterprises, social insurance, the total average rate in 40% above, the personal burden is 11%, enterprise annuity, supplementary medical insurance, excluding. While the 125 countries of the world, only 11 countries social security rate more than 40%, China is one of.
According to the above close to the Ministry source, institutions have not yet finished the reform, are not social insurance payment; therefore, the enterprise is the social security especially the main contribution of pension fund, but high rates lead to business costs rise, ginseng enthusiasm is not high, resulting in the difficulty of collecting, increase law enforcement cost etc. site da hollister various problems. But perhaps this is “only drop enterprise payment rate, why not adjust individual”.
Over the years, many enterprises especially small micro enterprise unit pay social insurance premium to reflect the overall burden is heavy, the enterprise is difficult to bear.
The National Association of industry and Commerce of the report, the main difficulty in the analysis of enterprises encounter, list is the financing, the prices of raw materials and labor costs, and social insurance premium rate is high, enterprises generally reflect problems; therefore, the National Association of industry and Commerce in recent years the national NPC and CPPCC groups in many relates to reduce social security premium content.
In mid October, the Department and a plurality of pension plan designers in-house seminars will also be the issue as the topic, and reached consensus on reducing corporate social insurance problems.
The reporter understands, at present the enterprise bear the social insurance fee includes the following types: endowment insurance premium burden of enterprises 20%; medical insurance companies to pay the national average rate for 7.43%; unemployment insurance burden of enterprises 2%; industrial injury insurance premium rate is 0.5%-2%, an average of more than 1%; maternity insurance rate of 0.68%.
Data from the point of view, the endowment insurance at all rates in the highest proportion, and this is the interview process experts think the most likely to reduce the part.
The reporter understands at the same time, in the face of the basic medical insurance in urban hollister uk sale China has accumulated balance of 760000000000 yuan in the insurance premium, the possibility of adjustment is relatively large.
The increased pension gap?